Well-Rounded Eudora Students

IMG_1334On Tuesday evening, I had a chance to sit and listen to our band program.  The program began with our youngest participants (6th graders) and ended with our high school band.  As I listened to their performances, I was taken by a couple key notions.

The first was that it was truly amazing to sit and listen to the development of the individual bands over time.  The selections played by the sixth graders were shorter and focused on basic skills.  The seventh and eighth grade band played selections that were not only longer but also more challenging.  Our high school students really capped off the evening.

In reflecting, the band’s performance really mirrors the growth of our children.  Over time (with love, nurturing, and guidance), students mature and begin to make decisions anIMG_1331d solve real world problems.  Thanks to adults both in and out of school, our students are afforded an environment here in Eudora that allows them to fully develop into their greatest potential.

The second key notion that I reflected on is the role that each and every course and activity has in providing students with experiences, not only for their individual development, but life in general.  We understand that in addition to the wide variety of core curriculum our students can experience, there must be opportunities and exposure to career and technical programs,  fine arts, academic and sport programs.  I believe that we all desire our students to be well-rounded and capable of making positive life-long choices after they graduate from Eudora.  Each of these programs play a role in molding our students into the citizens they will be.

IMG_1335It was a great concert — I could have sat and listened all evening long!

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