Creating a Roadmap for our Future


One of the strengths behind every successful organization is the ability to plan for the future.  This can be challenging (since the perfect “crystal ball” has yet to be perfected), but it can also be quite rewarding.

The Eudora Board of Education assembled a group of stakeholders last week to help create the next strategic plan for the school district.  The group was mad up of a cross-section of employees and district parents,  as well as community members who don’t currently have kids in school. That day, dozen of volunteers took time to reflect on the old plan while looking to the future.


The work we did last week further built upon a foundation first laid out by the board in 2009.  That foundation was a set of core values —  collaboration, class size, personalized education and early childhood programs — that board members believed were key to define what we do as a district.

These core values then inspired the district’s first strategic plan, adopted in January 2010. Nearly six years later, the board is now working on the 2015-2017 plan with five target areas: organizational strength, academic excellence, whole child education, technology and community partnerships.  At our meeting last week, our stakeholders worked together to determine action items that should be considered under each target area.StrategicPlan-GroupRot

It was a great day, filled with new ideas and excellent conversations about our future as a district, among a group of supportive, dedicated and thoughtful people. Just one more impressive example of the incredible support Eudora Schools gets from our community.



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