Celebrating School Board Appreciation Month

While they are often behind the scenes and rarely have the opportunity to wander the halls of our schools from day to day, it’s impossible to difficult to imagine Eudora Schools without our elected board of education. Why is that?IMG_0945

  • They care about our students and employees. In Eudora, we are incredibly fortunate to have a board made up of individuals who are able to put aside politics and truly put the needs of our students and employees first.
  • They listen to the community. Not a meeting goes by without mention of this. Our school board members represent our taxpayers with thought and great care.They allow freedom and creativity. Eudora Schools is a special place, thanks in large part to school board members who allow us to try new things, consider new ideas and encourage the principals, directors, teachers and staff to do the same.
  • They are good stewards. Financial business of a school district — taxes, mill rates, budget lines and (unfortunately) budget cuts — is not glamorous. But our board members take this work very seriously and make sure that tax dollars are benefitting our students, our employees, and the community.
  • The seven members — Mark Chrislip, Joe Hurla, Mike Kelso, Bryan Maring, Joe Pyle, Lynn Reazin and Eric Votaw– serve for free. (Not including the ham sandwich and bag of chips that are provided a few hours into an evening business meeting!) They truly serve because they care about our community and want to make our schools the very best they can be.
  • There are countless other reasons why we are lucky to have such a thoughtful, caring group of board members — too numerous to list.

    January is School Board Appreciation Month, and it’s a great time to recognize the service that these elected volunteers provide to our schools and community, 365 days of the year. Please help me say THANK YOU!

    Board and artwork

    Student artwork gift to the board, created by fifth graders in Mrs. Peavey’s art class. It will be on permanent display in the board room.

  • Artwork presentation

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