Celebrate American Education Week in Eudora

Going back to 1921, American Education Week has one of the oldest traditions of honoring the people who make public schools great to build support in local communities and across the nation.

In Eudora, this week offers us a great opportunity to recognize the hard work that takes place in our schools each day. Think of the people who transport and feed our students. Who comfort them when they’re sick or hurting. Think of the people who teach our students to read, add and subtract and follow the scientific method. Think of the people who encourage students’ passion to learn and create through music, art, sport and exploration. Think of the parents and community members who invest in our students and in our schools.

This week, I hope you’ll join me in thanking these people — the people who make our schools great. Here are three simple ways you can make a difference during American Education Week:

  • Write a note to someone in our schools — anyone I’ve mentioned above — and let them know that you appreciate their dedication to our students.
  • Sign up to work as a volunteer in our schools. Whether a regular assignment or a one-time shift, an hour or two of your time makes a difference.
  • Learn more about the Eudora Schools Foundation, becoming even more visible in our community this week. They are working toward a goal of $30,000 this year to help them fund innovative academic initiatives through classroom grants, student enrichment programs, staff development and recognition. Their success will help ensure student success — today and long into the future.

We are so fortunate in Eudora to have great schools AND a supportive community. Thank you for joining me in celebrating both during American Education Week!thankateacher

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