Capital Outlay

The Capital Outlay Budget is made up of funds that, by law, can only be spent on very specific things. Traditionally, capital outlay funds could only be spent on expenses related to building or maintaining facilities and purchasing certain equipment.

In 2014, the Kansas Legislature allowed a bit more flexibility in how capital outlay funds could be spent, permitting districts to also use the money to pay for custodial/maintenance expenses, as well as certain uniforms. Districts are allowed to collect a maximum of 8 mills in Capital Outlay, and in Eudora we have done that. This is an area of the budget where districts are allowed to carry over funds from one budget year to the next. For many districts, it is the fund that will pay for a boiler going down or a roof blowing off a building. Given the costs of things today (a bus at $80,000 or a new roof at several hundred thousand), it is important for districts to maintain a positive balance in this fund.

According to the state finance formula, capital outlay budget equalized with state aid to assist property-poor districts that are unable to raise as many mills as districts with greater property wealth.

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