Board tour reflections

It was a great day for Eudora Schools — a day that connected our school board members directly to the teaching, learning and facilities in our schools. 

This was the first time (in anyone’s memory, at least) that members of the Eudora Board of Education spent the day touring our schools and buildings and learning about the opportunities and challenges in each. The time we spent was to ensure that our board members have background information as they make decisions about our facility and maintenance needs from month to month and year to year. After all, it can be difficult for board members, who usually meet in the evening, to visualize the way our facilities function and feel. 

It was a long day, but three things really stick in my mind, as I think back:

  1. We have gifted leadership on our board! Eudora is incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated leaders who are genuinely interested in doing what’s best for Eudora students. 
  2. Our employees and students are amazing! We had a great breakfast in the EES cafeteria and lunch in the EMS cafeteria. We saw the outstanding job our custodians, maintenance and grounds crews do. We popped through several classrooms to see inspired teaching and learning. And we witnessed some of the most respectful, well-behaved kids you can imagine. 
  3. Our community has made continuous investments in public education. You don’t just end up with facilities like we have here — this happens because local taxpayers invest in public schools. In Eudora, you’ve invested time and money, and you work hard every day over the long term to take care of your investments. 

I, for one, do not take any of these things for granted. It’s great to be in Eudora, and it’s my goal to work with our board, our employees and our community to support and grow the awesome things that we have going for us.

It was a great day! 

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