Act now to vote in August

Kansans know that our state’s public schools are pulling through a very difficult time. So it never surprises me when I’m asked the question, “What can I do to help?”

My answer is simple: VOTE. We live in a wonderful state that’s been made strong by generations of voting Kansans. In our democracy, your vote is your voice.

We all know that there will be a big election in November — but Kansans have a critical opportunity to vote in the August primaries. Are you concerned about the future funding of our schools? The funding of the KPERS retirement system? The future of Kansas public education? VOTE in the August primaries. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Today: Make sure you’re registered to vote by clicking here. If you’ve moved or changed your name, you must re-register.
  • This week: Apply for mail ballot for the August Primary. Summer is a busy time for families and employees — a mail ballot allows you to vote from home, when it’s convenient for you. Click here to apply TODAY to receive a ballot by mail. Complete the form before you leave work for the summer (be sure to fill in “Primary August 2” on Section 5 of the form), and you’ll be set to make your vote count in August.
  • Before NOON on Wednesday, June 1: Go to your county election office and select the party affiliation (Republican or Democrat) for the primary you want to vote in on Aug. 2. Click here for a printable voter application and party designation form or find online registration information here. If you aren’t sure which primary you want to vote in yet, change your registration to Unaffiliated before this deadline. You can then request a Republican OR Democratic ballot at your polling place on Aug. 2. (If you do this, you will need to complete paperwork at the poll to affiliate with the party whose ballot you select.) If you are doing a mail-in ballot, you must designate your party affiliation before noon on June 1.
  • Before Tuesday, August 2: Find out who will be on the Republican and Democratic primary ballots — and learn their positions on the issues that are important to you. Review voting records, campaign literature, websites and personal conversations or e-mails to decide which candidates best match your views.
  • On or before Tuesday, August 2:  CAST YOUR VOTE! In person advance voting begins 20 days before the Aug. 2 primary.

If you select a party affiliation before June 1, or at your polling place on Aug. 2, you can always change your affiliation after the primary by contacting your county election office. And remember, your party affiliation never affects your voting options in a November general election.

POLLING PLACE 3Whether by mail or in person, THANK YOU for voting in the August primary. By casting a ballot, you will join the generations of great Kansans before us who helped build this state — and help ensure a strong Kansas for the generations to come.

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